Contact Bowen Neighbourhood Centre on +617 4786 2111

Mission Statement…

We will provide an innovative, accessible range of services to educate, support and assist people and communities, particularly those most vulnerable.

Vision Statement…

We contribute towards the dignity, well-being and quality of life of the communities we support.

Our objectives…

The objectives of the Bowen Community Council shall be to seek the advancement and improvement in the community and social welfare sector by any or all of the following means:

  • To provide immediate and/or on-going material support for the families and individuals where possible
  • To gather, collate and disseminate information about local and regional services and all levels of Government Department’s Resources
  • To encourage community education by providing a common meeting place for activities.
  • To recognise and promote the values of all individuals by encouraging participation at all levels of our organisation
  • To respond to any member of the community by the relief of distress, either emotional or material in times of poverty, distress, destitution or helplessness if resources available.

What are our principles?

The Bowen Community Council Inc operates within a community development framework and has adopted the social justice principles of participation, rights, access and equity. The organisation aims to ensure that all who come in contact with us experience the culture that flows from these values.

  • A physically safe, healthy and non-threatening environment
  • Maximum participation in decision making
  • Transparent information about rights and responsibilities
  • Personal privacy and confidentiality
  • Access to available services, support or referrals
  • Equal opportunities to participate in activities and programs
  • Affirmative action with disadvantaged groups
  • Support and respect for diversity

What are our goals?

Goal 1: Have a purpose built community hub facility

Goal 2: Be the lead community service in Bowen

Goal 3: Provide effective services that respond to the needs of the community

Goal 4: Have a range of secure, recurrent funding from diverse sources


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