Membership at Cooinda Family Centre

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Cooinda Family Centre Community Association is your community organisation.  Our hope is to work with community members who wish to see a fairer, safer and stronger community.

Cooinda Family Centre is a community based organisation which receives funding from the Department of Education, Training and Employment and seeks additional funds from individuals and groups who support our work.

Becoming a member of Cooinda Family Centre can open the door to becoming actively involved in the life of the community and of the organisation.  As a member you will receive newsletter updates which details a host of information.  It includes information about the specific services and activities that go on at Cooinda Family Centre, interest groups that focus on early childhood and parenting issuues, and a range of training opportunities.

Membership also gives you the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting, the right to nominate other members to stand for election for a position on the Executive Board, or the right to stand for election yourself.

Your membership is a measure of support for our work at Cooinda Family Centre.  More importantly, it may be the first step in a partnership to build fair and safe communities.

Please click here to download a membership form. Please note that at this point it is not necessary to have the nominated/seconded section filled out. Once complete drop it into our office at Cooinda Family Centre, 20 Williams Street, Bowen 4805.